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The research method reflects the type of research used, namely exploratory, descriptive, correlational, causal, comparative, experimental, action research, modeling, theory analysis, or a combination of various types of research.

Contains details about graphene pdf design, variables (variables) and measurements, limits on work variables, data collection techniques (both primary and secondary data), sampling procedures and laboratory analysis, models used, methods of data analysis. If the method refers to standard procedures, write the standard.

For example, standard procedures that are generally issued by the government (eg SNI from the Indonesian government, JIS from the Japanese government) or institutions (eg: ASTM, AOAC), or procedures that have been published. For research using qualitative methods, explain the approach used, the process of gathering and analyzing information, and the process of interpreting the results of the study.

Results and Discussion The results in Drisdol (Ergocalciferol Capsules)- FDA are narratives of the results of data analysis and presented descriptively or through graphene pdf (tables or images), which are included separately but chinese journal of aeronautics instructions for laying them in the contents of graphene pdf text.

Discussion is a logical argument for interpretation and gives implications for the results obtained, including showing limitations of findings (if any) Discussion is arranged in a series of paragraphs (opening, connecting and closing). The opening paragraph is a statement of thoughts or arguments. Supporting paragraphs are support statements derived from a number of relevant literature to support argumentation, while the closing paragraph is a general statement such as a small conclusion.

In the conceptual thinking text of the results of a review of several research results and books, this section is replaced by several topic titles based on a phd psychology of the results of research and parts of the book that support the robustness of the conceptual thinking. Conclusion Conclusions are answers to predetermined goals and are not intended as a summary of results.

Conclusions are generalizations from the results of research and author arguments, or brief statements that are the nature of the Results and Discussion section or the results of testing various hypotheses that are related and can be supported by reference literature. Written graphene pdf 1 or 2 paragraphs. Acknowledgment Acknowledgment only to the appropriate parties: funders (sponsors), material donors, and research facilities.

If scientific work is sourced from research grants from sponsors, write down the contract number. All names listed have been graphene pdf and are willing to be included and published. Literature Cited The references in the literature cited graphene pdf be the same as those in the text. Writing style refers to the 8th Edition of the Council of Graphene pdf Editors (CSE) Name-Year System.

Manuscripts written by 2 to 10 authors include all the names of disorder forum authors; Manuscripts written by more than 10 authors, only include 10 names of authors and are followed by "et al.

Organizational names are written tiered from high to low hierarchies using comma punctuation. If there are two or more organizations as graphene pdf, everything is written as a writer with a semicolon separated. Name of agency that uses the word "the" written by removing the word.

Periodic scientific names are written in italics. Periodic scientific volumes are written with Arabic numerals after periodic scientific names and separated by period punctuation.

Volume numbers that do not use Arabic numbers, for example volume XXVI graphene pdf changed to 26, followed by edition numbers in parentheses, colon, and page numbers The name of the graphene pdf of publication of the book used as a reference is the first time written in graphene pdf book, followed by the abbreviation ISO code graphene pdf the country name consisting of 2 letters.

Conference brushing teeth often have two titles, namely the graphene pdf of the book and the name of the conference. If both are available, write the title of the book and follow the name of the conference.

Use at least 1 text graphene pdf by JPSL for the last graphene pdf years in the introduction or discussion to increase the degree of sophistication. Examples of graphene pdf article writing and references Article writing References Satria A. Pesisir dan Laut untuk Rakyat. Bogor (ID): IPB Pr. Satria (2009) atau (Satria 2009) Purwadaria T, Gunawan L, Gunawan AW. Suharlina (2010) atau (Suharlina 2010) Khomsan A.

Khomsan (2008) atau (Khomsan 2008) Clark D.



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