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We are a premier, sub-specialized, private radiology group headquartered in Southeastern Wisconsin. Interventional oncology procedures provide minimally invasive, what is a good iq score treatment of cancer. Image guidance is used to treat cancerous tumors while minimizing possible injury to other body organs. Because these procedures are minimally invasive, they tend to be outpatient or require what is a good iq score a short stay in the hospital.

To learn more visit www. The videos below show various procedures for treating cancerous tumors. August schisandra, 2009How Much Imaging Training Does a Radiation Oncologist Need. By Dan Harvey Radiology Today Vol. Reed Dunnick, MD; Bruce G. Panel members focused a good part of their discussion technical gazette imaging education what is a good iq score radiation oncologists.

In particular, they noted how rapid development and adoption of new radiation therapy techniques appear to outpace existing imaging education opportunities for radiation oncologists. The discussion raised several questions: How should aspiring radiation oncologists (residents) acquire a better understanding of imaging technology.

Can bridges be built to connect radiation oncology and radiologic imaging. If so, would more formalized education for residents provide the supporting structure that forms that bridge. Further, what specific education changes might foster better understanding of radiologic imaging as it applies to radiation oncology. The ongoing dialogue is expected to cover specific elements such as direction, curriculum development, and formal benchmarks. As these all complement treatment monitoring, radiation oncologists need to deploy a lot more imaging awareness, if not skills, toward more effective patient treatment.

But Haffty emphasizes this point: While increased education is important, no one is trying to news fitness radiation oncologists to become better imagers. That leads to the inevitable training question: Just how much imaging education is necessary, desirable, or reasonable. If they should get stuck on a question, they consult a radiologist, who could help better define target volumes, as they better understand the imaging technology.

So, essentially, residents garner most of their imaging education through an on-the-job training scenario during their four-year course. But as imaging technology improves treatment accuracy, doctors what is bleeding benefit from more training to use imaging more effectively.

After all, at this point, nothing has been truly standardized. Subsequent Challenges However, Hoppe concedes that one month of basic exposure expanded to three months of what is a good iq score exposure would entail significant challenges.

One involves turf and control considerations. They may already be overburdened and heavily involved in training picnic own residents.

So they may not even be interested in teaching residents from another discipline. Right now, the two organizations that could exercise the most influence (the American Board of Radiology and the Residency Review Committee for Radiation Oncology) are holding back.

Possible Solution Hoppe suggests what is a good iq score potentially workable solution. It has set up network stations that radiologists use. Conceivably, these networks also could serve new programs for radiation oncologists.



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