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Veracode is a cloud-based security firm. Topic acceptable blog is updated nearly every day with new content from both industry professionals and members of the Veracode team. The posts are casual and consistently deliver on everything from cyber vulnerabilities to social media and security software.

The site also features a topic acceptable of security resources such as webinars, whitepapers and reports. Security Watch is the blog of BH Consulting, an independent IT solutions firm in Ireland. The blog covers information security issues on an international level. It is updated regularly with casually written content topic acceptable with occasional videos. Browse through their multiple archives or search by category to find a topic of your choice.

SecurityWeek is a cyber security blog that provides insight and expert analysis on global security threats and headlines. The blog is jam-packed with articles and information. They also divvy it up conveniently into different categories like cybercrime and security architecture. The site also offers more in-depth research and whitepaper reports. Krebs on Security is authored by Brian Krebs, a former Washington Post reporter. This longstanding blog offers a lot of archives to dig topic acceptable, while also providing a fresh look at current cyber security threats.

Dark Reading is a cyber security community comprised of contributing influential IT professionals. This cutting-edge blog is chock full of news and commentary covering a broad range of cyber security-related issues and even offers podcasts and videos. Dark Reading is part of Information Week, which hosts nine digital technology communities. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting civil liberties online. Their blog is an excellent way to stay tuned into the wide world of digital rights and topic acceptable that threatens them.

If issues like net neutrality or abuse of private information are on your radar, this will be a great blog for you. This blog does a good job of writing on consumer-related security issues in a comprehensible manner. They also write quite a bit about cyber security law and legislation that affects the industry.

This topic acceptable combines elements of government, science and business topic acceptable analyze the technical aspects of current events. You are now equipped with some of the best cyber security blogs the internet has to offer. Not sure if pursuing a degree is worth your time. It has since been updated to topic acceptable information relevant to 2020.

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