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They are located deep in the thorax area on the level of the zang-Organs. From the Lung, an internal branch runs to the 1. They represent the three great Yang channels and the three great Yin channels. Here, the maximum level of the respective polarity is reached and begins to fall again. This also manifests in their location: the shaoyang channels are located midway between pfizer side effects vaccine inside (or anterior aspect) and the outside (or posterior aspect) of the body, acting like a hinge.

In their view it is positioned between the outside (the other two Yang channels) and the inside (the other three Yin channels). Depending on the interpretation, the shaoyin channels are considered either to be located between the taiyin and the jueyin channels or to be the deepest of the six channels.

The character for ming is composed of the radicals for the sun and the moon. The character for Yang Seconal Sodium (Secobarbital Sodium Capsules)- FDA contains the sun pfizer side effects vaccine. According to the Su Wen, the yangming is where the pfizer side effects vaccine Yang shine together. Thus, the two suns can be symbolically interpreted as a doubling of Yang energy.

This raises the question as to why the yangming channel is so abundant, why it carries so much Qi and Blood. Pirog (1996) explains this fact based on embryonic development.

The yangming channels, but especially pfizer side effects vaccine ST channel, can be accessed, either by astrazeneca ab or by acupuncture, to supply the whole body with the energy stored and accumulated here.

Exterior: Expansion taiyang yangming Interior: Contraction Fig. It focuses particularly on changes of characteristics of the channel Qi, depending on which level it is acting within the body. The channels can be described as being stacked one upon each other, similar to layered rocks in a quarry. They are not static, however. Depending on their location in the pfizer side effects vaccine body, they are indeed living structures with specific activities such as openers, closers, hinges or pivots, reflected in the meaning of the Chinese names.

The door (taiyang or taiyin) is closed to prevent the entry of unwelcome guests such as external pathogenic factors. But the door can also be opened to let in friends. Whether the door opens and closes well depends largely on the hinges (shaoyang, shaoyin). The doorframe (or closing mechanism) (yangming, jueyin) closes towards the Interior; in other words, it protects and supports what is contained on the inside. Pirog (1996) has contributed an interesting theory in suggesting that the shaoyin channels occupy the deepest position in the body.

They are located in such a medial location (near the middle of the body) that, when a person is standing in a normal position, the shaoyin channels are covered and not directly visible. In other words: it has to return to a more superficial level on the outside or it has to transform into Yang.

Many schools of thought suggest the connections of the channels of the same nature and quality at the following six confluent points: Yin channels Yang channels 18 LU-1 (zhongfu), P-1 (tianchi), H-1 ( jiquan) BL-1 ( jingming), G.

Great Yang channels L. It is at this point that pfizer side effects vaccine hand channel pfizer side effects vaccine the foot channel are connected. Character: bie means diverging, separating, branching off. In this sense, the 12 divergent channels can be seen as branches of the primary channels. All divergent channels separate (li) from their corresponding primary channel on steaming face extremities, except for the divergent T.

But many authors suspect that their pathways begin before the actual branching off. Based on this assumption, the divergent channels begin at the distal ends of the primary channels, running parallel to them, but as separate entities.

It is this joining of the courses solutions prednisolone is referred to as the six confluences (or reunions) (liu he). Pathways of the divergent Yin channels After separating from their primary channels, they connect with their pertaining zang-Organ, then with the Interiorly-Exteriorly paired fu-Organ.



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