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Variable frequency percent Proper ventilation in the waiting room Yes 50 22. Waiting for the result on the laboratory area took 61-180 minute for 18. Registration time took 16-30 minute for find a therapist. Variable Time glucosamine and chondroitin and msm in Minute less than 10 10-15 16-30 31-60 61-180 greater than 180 In the registration office 18.

Unsatisfied respondents by the waiting room ventilation, setting arrangement, toilet and compound cleanness were 48. Respondents were find a therapist 48. Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Unsatisfied V. Satisfaction level was score high in which 89. No association was also observed in educational states and level of satisfaction but literates were highly unsatisfied.

Clients who pay for the service were highly unsatisfied than that of getting free service. Those who were on follow up were find a therapist unsatisfied (table6). Also satisfaction level of client on all staff and registration office and client suggest others to get service in this hospital had a significant relation (table7).

Correlation is find a therapist at the 0. Shows the comparisons of time spent to receive various services in the hospital and level of satisfaction Table 6 shows the comparisons of time spent to receive various services in the hospital and level of satisfaction. Those who spent 16-30 minutes were more satisfied. Those who spent 16-30 minutes to get the service were highly satisfied. Satisfaction by the service provided find a therapist the pharmacy area was also significantly associated with the time spent to get the service.

On the first contact with the care provider find a therapist. Variable Response Response rateDoes the find a therapist call a patient by name Yes 25(56. Most of them gave more than one suggestion while others reserved to say nothing. The suggestions forwarded based on the situations and fillings were almost similar. Suffocation and uncomfortable sitting arrangement should be fixed along with a dirty cafeteria, broken and insufficient water supplies.

The other one is concerning the time spent to get any service along with inappropriate appointment giving. Waiting time for the physicians were the most frustrating one which should be managed soon. Wc poop feedbacks were also given find a therapist laboratory, pharmacy services and physicians approach saying that they should keep up the good work. Discussion This study has revealed that the overall satisfaction level of the clients with find a therapist services given at Yekatit Teaching Hospital was 68.

This result is the highest among researches done in Tigray zone Ethiopia with the result 43. The difference might be attributed to the fact that this study was conducted in a specialized teaching hospital where there are relatively adequate number of health professionals and better diagnostic facilities.

This might be due to lack of attention and resource to fix the problem despite the big project that the hospital was involved in building up a specialized and teaching institution. In the analysis of client satisfaction the very satisfied and very dissatisfied groups find a therapist categorized to satisfied and dissatisfied groups respectively because the numbers of respondents in find a therapist groups were small.

Similarly neutral responses were classified as satisfied considering that they may represent a positive way of expressing an agreement. The result is similar to a study showing diflucan level of service given on registration in institute of medical science, Islamabad, Pakistan having a result of 77.

The reason for this difference might be the application of an organized and fast service that has been implemented starting resent years back. The reason for this might be shortage of drug supplies despite the large patient out flow. Result in this study showed 71. This finding is very higher compared to research done in Muhimbili National Hospital, Tanzania showing Only 38 (2.

The reason for this might be the fact that there is large number of patient out flow and individual physician was expected to see find a therapist than 40 patients per half a day in this study set up which in turn might affect the proper examination time.

Satisfaction level of client with all staff, registration office and clients suggesting others to get service in this hospital find a therapist a frustrated relation. Conclusion Based on the finding of this study the following conclusion find a therapist be drawn.

Observational quantified finding showed that many of the cases were scored with the good approach by the care providers and many of suggestions give by the respondents support the quantitative data on physical environment of the hospital.

Determent factors find a therapist physical environments, times spent to get service and approach of care giver had a significant association and relation with over all find a therapist level find a therapist reviled in this study.

There for from the stamens above though there are significant problems to be solved client satisfaction is high in outpatient department of Yekatit 12 Teaching Hospital. Recommendation Concerning the management: It could be important to solve and fix miner infrastructural problems like toilet, sitting arrangements, clean and simple environment and water supplies as fast as possible in the hospital that dose seems to affect emotions of the client, though situations forced the management to find a therapist on the beiger problems they should not forget client satisfaction matters a lot after all.

New and organized services delivery system with regular provision of job training for all health workers should be in place to help them change their attitudes in order to provide their clients with all relevant information.

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