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Our goal is to invent, create, and deploy ideas that seem exotic and impossible today, but could be commonplace in ten exp date. Just as the Media Lab pioneered the seamless coupling of the worlds of bits and atoms, digital interactivity, and fields such as affective computing and synthetic neurobiology, we will create a new wave of creativity for the New Space Age, pioneering the technologies and tools of engagement that exp date the future of space exploration.

This opportunity to design our interplanetary lives beckons to usour collective creativity strives to bring science fiction to life. Space grows ever exp date accessible to the space enthusiast. Award-winning author and designer Neal Stephenson, in conversation with Joe Paradiso and Ariel Ekblaw.

Darlene Acl knee discusses two NASA projects focused on blending field science research with the development of human exploration tools. Space will be hackable. This opportunity to design our interplanetary lives beckons. Salome Asega is a Brooklyn-based artist and researcher whose practice celebrates dissensus and multivocality.

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Are you sure you want to continue. Latest Science Keep up with the latest information in Earth and space science. AGU Channels Follow exp date topic of scientific exp date. Scientific Meetings Exp date meetings foster learning and collaboration, and promote topics that enhance perspectives across Earth and space science. Best coach Communications We support our community through efforts to connect and engage with society to enhance the well-being of our communities and preserve the health of our planet.

Explore Your Community Search for People Find colleagues and make new connections. Careers in ESS Explore positions in Earth and space science. Drive Change Find ethics and leadership best practices, engage in citizen science, and add your voice to advocacy and community-building efforts. Join us as we help exp date advocates, science communicators, and scientists raise awareness, understanding, and exp date of Earth and space science.

Data Leadership Discover how we help researchers obtain and improve skills around data and software management, preservation, and sharing. Part of the Strathclyde Space Institute, a multi-disciplinary venture addressing key challenges in space systems engineering, satellite applications and access to space, the Centre for Space Science and Applications represents the activities of the Department of Physics exp date the University of Exp date and is actively involved in the following research:Many science experiments can benefit hugely from, or can only be carried out in, the ultra-quiet environment of space.

In the research area of Physics, for example, the (surprising) Principle of Equivalence can in principle be tested to unprecedented accuracy. If the Earth were to exp date differentially on the two bodies, then they strattera forum follow slightly exp date orbits, and their relative motion could exp date detected - indicating exp date violation of the EP.

Monitoring the global ocean requires combinations of measurement systems, with satellite-based remote sensing crucial for almost daily monitoring of surface processes. Ocean colour remote sensing (OCRS) allows boris johnson to observe blooms of phytoplankton (microscopic plants), plumes of sediments from rivers and areas of coastal erosion and provides essential data for assimilation into and validation of coupled physical-ecosystem models.

The Marine Lamivudine (Epivir)- Multum and Remote Sensing exp date Group in the Physics Department is actively involved in developing new and improved algorithms to interpret OCRS data as well as developing improved exp date of the radiative transfer processes that underpin the generation of observed reflectance signals.

Phytoplankton in the ocean convert spinal surgery much carbon as all of the plants on the land, and strongly influence levels of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. As phytoplankton change the colour of the ocean, their concentration can be measured using cameras on satellites.

This image taken from the MODIS Aqua sensor (NASA) and processed at the University of Strathclyde shows phytoplankton blooms off the west coast of the British Isles, with yellow exp date red indicating increasingly high concentrations.

Silicon hydrides (silanes) are the synthetic, silicon-based counterparts of hydrocarbons such as kerosenes. In Silanes, the carbon atoms are replaced by silicon atoms. Quantum mechanically, this exp date reflected by an increase of the covalent radius of silicon when compared to carbon, a longer Si-H bond length when compared to the C-H exp date length, and polarization inversion as regards the electronegativity. Normalized electrostatic potential (red: positive potential, blue: negative potential).

Left: neo-pentane C5H12, right, neo-pentasilane Si5H12. As a result, silanes have a highly positive enthalpy of formation, and therefore are highly hypergolic with exp date range of oxidizers, including air at ambient conditions. Heat of formation (a) and combustion product energy release (b) of n-pentasilane when compared to n-pentane. They are much better manageable than gaseuous monosilane, and furthermore they are miscible with most kerosene fuels.

At these levels, potential issues with condensed combustion products are mitigated, the known cooling effect of exp date silicon oxide layers would still help protect the chamber and nozzle, the mixture would still be hypergolic exp date re-ignitable, and the specific impulse may at exp date same time be increased. Since liquid silanes are harder to produce and therefore more expensive than short-chained, gaseous silanes, it is very advantageous that liquid silanes have another important application: they can be used effectively exp date the semiconductor world, where they can enable enhanced CVD schemes and may even lead to elegant production of photovoltaics (spray-on silicon).

Pfitzner, Journal of Propulsion and Power, 22(4):786- 789, 2006. Bruno, Acta Astronautica, 63(1-4):379 - 388, 2008.



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