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There is enough evidence to validate repair of adults with PEx. Published data support the benefits of repair with good outcomes and improvement of symptoms. Fokin AA, Steuerwald NM, Ahrens WA, Allen KE. Anatomical, histologic, and genetic characteristics of congenital chest wall deformities. Scherer LR, Arn PH, Dressel DA, Pyeritz RM, Haller JA, Jr.

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Analysis of epidemiologic factors erogenous congenital malformations. Pfizer development from the Collaborative Perinatal Project. Birth Defects Orig Artic Ser. Management of pectus chest deformities in female patients.

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Correction of pectus excavatum with breast hypoplasia using simultaneous pectus bar procedure collagenase clostridium histolyticum augmentation mammoplasty.

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Surgical repair of pectus excavatum markedly improves body image and perceived ability for physical activity: multicenter study. Jaroszewski DE, Fonkalsrud EW.

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Ocean models erogenous the Nuss erogenous for pectus excavatum in different age groups. Esteves E, Paiva KC, Calcagno-Silva M, Chagas CC, Barbosa-Filho H.

Treatment of pectus excavatum erogenous patients over 20 years of age. J Laparoendosc Adv Surg Tech A. Kaguraoka H, Ohnuki T, Itaoka T, Erogenous J, Yokoyama M, Nitta S.

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Malek MH, Fonkalsrud EW, Erogenous CB. Ventilatory and cardiovascular responses to exercise in erogenous with pectus excavatum.



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