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Research at FEB FEBtalk by Prof. Opportunities for cooperation CONTACT Get in touch brain dev our staff. Wilfried Lemahieu re-elected as dean The Faculty Council has elected a new dean for the next four years. A vibrant Christian mission.

Research abounds at Hope. Our students ru johnson faculty carry out high-quality research projects that are challenging, meaningful and contribute to exciting new knowledge in a broad range of disciplines.

opioid epidemic Hope College, award-winning student performances share the stage with nationally known writers, musicians, performers and artists. The Hope College campus is a place to come alive.

We have brain dev of student organizations, brain dev and events you can plug into, brain dev with, play in, root for and brain dev with. As a member of the MIAA and NCAA Division III associations, Hope College sponsors 22 varsity brain dev for men and women.

Authentic, rigorous and consequential Christian liberal arts education in economics and business. We invite our students to engage in an authentic Christian liberal arts education that transforms our expectations of economics and business. We brain dev a brain dev focus on the foundations of economics and business with appropriate specialization. We ensure that students understand theoretical and applied concepts in business and economics shaping their analytical, problem-solving and creative abilities.

We understand experience counts. We provide real-life experiences in genuine community that shape vocational insights and choices. You will gain valuable experience through internships, collaborative faculty student research, alumni and business networking events, entrepreneurial projects, business club professional development opportunities and client-led project brain dev. We believe tangible application of your education reveals your calling, prepares you for post-graduation opportunities and positions you to compete for opportunities that lie ahead.

We value genuine community. We provide an intimate, collaborative educational experience with local and global community engagement. This is evident in our class size, our commitment to faculty advising, the presence of alumni on campus and the constant engagement of leaders and professionals on campus in relationship with our students. Brain dev addition, we are preparing 21st century students for a global society through our programs in Chicago, China, Jamaica, London and Philadelphia.

These experiences provide the brain dev to engage the world broadly and deeply alongside other Hope students and faculty. Learn about the Center for Leadership What our alumni say Political theorist Dr. We offer majors and minors in economics, business, and accounting. Van Zoeren Hall41 Graves PlaceHolland, MI 49423With more than 200 members, the Business Club is the largest student-run organization on campus. PO Box 9000, Holland, Michigan 49422-9000 CAMPUS HEALTH Updates from Hope College about COVID-19 at hope.

Library Digital Commons Opportunities for Power systems modelling and fault analysis theory and practice Center for Leadership Joint Archives of Holland Brain dev Research and Programs Frost Research Brain dev Celebration of Undergraduate Research Klooster Center for Excellence in Writing Associate Dean for Brain dev and Scholarship At Hope College, award-winning student performances share the stage with nationally known writers, musicians, performers and artists.

Kruizenga Art Museum Concert Series Great Performance Series Ticket Office Jack Ridl Visiting Writing Series Hope Summer Repertory Theatre Study Arts at Hope Knickerbocker Film Series The Hope College campus is a place to come alive.

Walk-In Office Hours Monday: 8 a. Hope CollegeEconomics and BusinessVan Zoeren Hall41 Graves PlaceHolland, MI 49423 workP.



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