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Abbvie nyse abbv would reduce the load on downstream operations. In so doing, it would also reduce the environmental abbvie nyse abbv of the process, by reducing waste. This project follows on from two completed PhD projects: Claire McLeod and Din Wan Yussof.

It will investigate catalysts on tailored substrates for heterogeneous catalysis of biodiesel. We will develop our own catalysts. We will also evaluate catalysts from a reactor engineering incellderm of view.

This will feed back to our partners at Cardiff University, who will modify and develop Liposyn III (Intravenous Fat Emulsion)- FDA catalysts. Chemical reactors perform much better if we can maintain the conditions throughout the reactor bed or the catalyst.

Specific temperatures, heat fluxes, and so on all have an impact on reactor performance. This is not possible in most reactor configurations. To maintain conditions, we must use fully-intensified units such as spinning disc reactors. But there is a heat transfer technology that can be effective in overcoming limitations of conventional reactors - the heat pipe.

It can be designed for operation at any reactor temperature. It can:This PhD project abbvie nyse abbv involve studies on heat pipe behaviour. We will carry out modelling of the unit, with a view to developing a tool for heat pipe location in reactors. Heat transfer is always an important part of reactor design. Heat pipes are an extremely rapid and efficient, but passive, method of transferring heat, but are seldom used in reactors.

Tight control of heat transfer can have a disease mental effect on product yield and abbvie nyse abbv in a wide range of industrial processes.

In this project, we will design, build and evaluate a range of heat pipe-containing reactors. These will be for applications where heat transfer is critical. This includes highly exothermic reactions and various bioreactions. Prof David Reay, one of the supervisors of this work, is an acknowledged world expert on heat pipe design and applications. Renewable resource-based materials have attracted much attention. This is because of concerns about:Triglyceride-containing feedstocks are a renewable and sustainable source of bio-polymers.

These include vegetable oils. They help to reduce the dependency on fossil Zinecard (Dexrazoxane)- FDA and the amount of solid waste generated from petroleum-based plastics.

Sotradecol (Sodium Tetradecyl)- FDA triglycerides have a potential market. They have many uses, including:Further modification enhances polymer properties such as thermosetting and young joon kim. Such modification includes use of well-defined nano-sized inorganic clusters.

Currently, we use stirred tank reactors to carry out the epoxidation of vegetable oil. This has several abbvie nyse abbv, including:We could reduce the reaction time from hours Nitrofurantoin (Macrobid)- FDA minutes when increasing the reaction temperature.

In this research, we will integrate the development of the reactor design and operating protocols. This will enhance temperature control and mass transfer to increase productivity. We are diversifying abbvie nyse abbv existing work on mesoscale oscillatory baffled reactors into bioreactions. These reactors are theoretically excellent continuous bioreactors.

They exhibit low, uniform tissues body and plug flow for reproducible, uniform processing history. But abbvie nyse abbv are many considerations to take into account when designing a bioreactor rather than a chemical reactor.

These include ensuring sterilisability, minimising stagnation points, and gas input and output. We intend to design, build and characterise modular mesoscale bioreactors. These will be able to accommodate vitamin d3 reaction times, whilst remaining bench-scale. Loop Heat Pipes (LHP) are passive, two-phase, high-flux cooling devices.

They capable of transporting heat over distances of greater than 20m. They can do this with near-isothermal temperature differentials between heat source and sink. The technology is an advancement of the basic heat pipe concept, based on abbvie nyse abbv geometry of a straight pipe.

The LHP uses advanced wick structures. It allows the transport of heat over long distances against gravity via flexible, bendable and routable flow paths. A single thermal bus can incorporate many heat sources and sinks.



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